I matter

5 Dec

Seriously, I matter, though many days, as the hours roll away and daylight diminishes, my thoughts turn dark and when that darkness approaches, I think, I do not matter.

You matter.

Whether you are black, and your whole life has been swept away by those who place no value on it.
Whether you are an immigrant, and you have worked so hard and have sacrificed even harder, and yet there are many who hate you with a passion.
Whether you are poor, and you subsist on nothing, or barely beyond nothing.
Whether you are different, and you receive constant harassment from everywhere you turn, even from those you might have once thought were your family.

We all matter.

I was going to post a harangue at this point about famous people, mostly celebrities, but you know, not all celebrity seekers are bad people, and we’re not necessarily a bad society for having celebrities. Where there is an imbalance is in making celebrities who have no real claim to fame, or whose claim to fame is undeserved.  There are those who use their fame to mislead us. There are those who are famous, whose vanity is only exceeded by their shallowness. Sometimes as a society we do not learn, we celebrate the shallow, we elevate them to the level of semi-god. But, I have also seen celebrity used to do good, and as such it can be used as an effective tool to heal and help, especially if the wielder is not in it for self-effacing reasons.

But, it is important, in the wake of:
Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO;
Eric Garner, NY;
that we all remember this:

You and I matter, no mater the color of our skin, the sexual preference, the way we dress, the way we think, the way we vote, the way we pray, the way we talk.

Humanity…we are so precious. And when we forget that, so much grief comes about, so much regret, so much anger. I wish everyone in the world could see the “world as one”.